Software for Venues

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pciWhat You Get out of Using Box Office Liaison Software

  1. A feature rich platform that allows you to build events faster and sell more tickets
  2. Improves the customer experience with features like Select Your Seat
  3. Returns control of your ticketing operation to you
  4. Immediate cashflow secured in your account
  5. Lower fees, more profit, happier patrons
  6. Complete access to your ticket buyer
  7. Safe & secure data, always

Complete Control for You
No more waiting for your rep to analyze your show data, or to decide when and how your show is posted. The incredibly intuitive Box Office Liaison software solution interface lets you set up your show data, seating information, pricing and posting time. And when you finish, your show is live and online. Make a mistake? No problem, simply login, make the change and voila, it's fixed.

Complete Control for Your Ticket Buyer

Driving your sales traffic online lets you save money on staffing and other related costs. And if you offer reserved seating, they get to choose their own seat - no more complaints from upset patrons with lousy seat selections made by some algorithm.

Real Time Purchasing
All of your ticket sales happen in real-time. This means your ticket buyers can see the available seats and choose from them, which means you will manage fewer calls, field fewer complaints and end up with happier patrons.

What are Your Priorities?
Ask yourself what is valuable to you and your business. You'll probably think of things like:

  1. 24/7 access to ticket sales data and reporting
  2. Ease of training your staff
  3. Ease of show setup
  4. Streamlined event/performance posting

Don't forget what's important to your patrons:

  1. Low fees
  2. The ability to select their own seat online
  3. Online membership setup, which speeds the order process
  4. Receiving messaging that appeals to their particular interests

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Box Office Liaison’s Social Media Connect
Get the most from the social media revolution. Box Office Liaison’s Social Media Connect enables patrons to buy tickets directly from a venue's Facebook fan page with real-time inventory management and credential validation. Built-in sharing features help venues gain "followers" on Twitter and "friends" on Facebook - and ultimately boost sales.



Box Office Features Learn More
Box Office Liaison Live Customer Support go_green
Service Fees – Competitively Priced go_green
Monthly Hosting and Support go_green
Resources, Blogs, Networking & Industry News go_green
Customize an Event Page go_green
Create and Post Your Own Events in Minutes go_green
Create Multiple Performances within an Event go_green
Sales Reports – Real Time (tickets sold, customer data) go_green
Box Office Interface – User Friendly go_green
Portable Box Office – Tour System go_green
Anonymous Walk-up Sales with Email / Phone Capture go_green
Touch Screen Interface for Box Office Sales go_green
Ticket Management go_green
Auto Scheduler
Multiple Currency Support and Payment Methods go_green
Integrated Credit Card Processing Own Merchant Account go_green
CRM – Security Based Permissions for Multiple Users go_green
Commission on Service Fees -CIFs go_green
Service Fee Absorbed in Ticket Price go_green
Service Fees Charged to Patron go_green
Cash Drawer Support go_green
Split Payment Option go_green
Exchange Seating Option go_green
Sales Cut-off Control – (Date and Time) go_green
Notification of Soon to be Sold Out or Limited Seating go_green
Box Office Alerts and Patron Management Features go_green
Customized Website Branding and Integration go_green
Customize – Print @ Home Tickets go_green
Customize - Thermal Tickets go_green
System Requirements to Run the Box Office go_green
Administration Reporting – Detailed go_green
Bar Code Scanning Access Control go_green


Online & Patron Features Learn More
Box Office Liaison Customer Service Support go_green
Low Service Fees – Competitively Priced go_green
Online Sales - Features/General Admissions & Reserved Seating go_green
24/7 Secure Online Access go_green
Outlet Sales – Retail and Kiosk Sales go_green
Order Confirmation by email
Hard Tickets – Postal Mailing Options go_green
Print @ Home Tickets Sent to Customer Email go_green
Will Call – Pickup At Door go_green
Secure Online Purchasing go_green
Map-IT Tool through Google – Easy finding the venue go_green
Facebook Application go_green
Mobile Friendly go_green
General Admission Seating go_green
Reserved Seating – Interactive Seat Picker go_green
NEW! Ticket Insurance go_green
On the Fly Promotions go_green
Fundraising program - Redemption codes go_green
Group discount code & purchase restrictions go_green
Fixed Subscriptions go_green
NEW! Bundle tickets – Flexibility go_green
Early Bird Pricing Scheduler go_green
NEW! Online Patron Purchase for Holds go_green
Disability (ADA) (AODA) Seating for Online Sales go_green
Gift Card Integration go_green
Membership Access go_green
Donations for Online and Offline Sales go_green