Outlet Sales – Retail and Kiosk Sales

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TW_kioskPicOutlet Sales – Retail and Kiosk Sales
Both of these solutions work from the same inventory and orders are processed in real time.


Kiosks allow for the purchase of tickets and the pick-up of will call tickets, both of which are completely integrated within venues ticketing system and inventory. Venues using the Kiosk can provide online purchase of tickets with pick-up from the device by simply swiping a credit card or entering the order identification. Box Office Liaison’s Kiosk interface also makes purchasing tickets quick and easy combining state-of-the art hardware and software.

We work with the largest kiosk manufacturers to offer you nearly any conceivable option regarding the design and implementation of kiosks on or off your property.


Retail Outlets use the same hardware and software as any other box office representative, the only difference is that that they are considered outlet locations and are remote and compared to box office staff, outlets have limited permissions and selling rights. Retail requirements are location, location, location, use compatible computers, a reliable online connection, and our in house thermal ticket printer and thermal tickets.... and of coarse friendly staff.

Benefits of Retail outlets for promoters and venues are the great cross promotion opportunities of working together!