Fundraising program

Redemption codes
track commission sales Program

This program is used by schools, clubs, churches and associations as a tool to help support their local charity, or internal fundraising efforts. Sell more tickets without going through a discount coupon, "DEAL OF THE DAY" program online, that only takes away from your bottom line, and leaves you with only a small portion of 20% or less than the original face value.

This program is a valuable tool for charity and non-profit organizations. Once your organization indicates that you would like to participate, Box office Liaison will work with you to pick the best show to sell. Box office Liaison will provide you with a unique promotional code word and a custom flyer with details about the show and how your supporters may redeem the code word to purchase tickets and support your cause. Every adult ticket sold online or through the online Box Office using your unique code will earn your school/non-profit $5.00 - $10 for every adult ticket that you sell!


BONUS: To help you sell even more tickets, your unique code word will also give your supporters $5 OFF each adult ticket they purchase to the show. So you give them a great deal on tickets, they support your organization and YOU did it all by sharing a simple code word!