Portable Box Office

- Tour System
taking the box office on the road

Now Promoters and touring Artists have the convenience of taking the box office on the road with them. The Box Office Liaison "Portable Tour System" is easy to use and takes minimal space with just minutes to setup. It has all the features that is required to MANAGE your box office sales and operate the box office on day of event.


Each event has a unique USER interface that is assigned access to sell tickets. This USER is able to sell for any event or performance that is scheduled for that tour. Reserve assigned seats, sell General Admission seats, choose pricing options like VIP, student rate tickets, and even issue complimentary tickets and print them right from the ticket printer on demand.  Be prepared for a line up at the door, by pre-printing tickets for quick cash sales, or use our quick checkout option to move the line faster.

other features as part of Portable Tour system:
Collect patron emails in the system
Use any payment methods (Cash, and debit/credit card through your own POS terminal)
Print Will Call tickets
Scan tickets upon entry


All you need is an internet connection. It is ideal if the venue/club provides a hardwired or wireless internet connection,
if not then a simple internet stick from your mobile carrier works great.

  • Laptop - Use one of BOL's [Box Office Liaisons], or use your own
  • Printer - BOL's Space saving and efficient thermal ticket printer 
  • Tickets - BOL provides the stock you need at no cost
  • Credit Card Swipe - Use you own POS Terminal or run credit cards through our system
  • Scanner - Corded Scanners are provided by BOL as part of the Portable Tour System (requires another computer or tablet)
  • Caring Case - to carry equipment