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Google Analytics Tracking

analytics-logo01It's important to gauge website metrics !
Knowing your website visitors, current and potential customers and the likes and dislikes about your site can help you reach your overall business potential.

There are four basic types of Goals:

Destination. A specific location within your website.
Duration. How long individual website visits last.
Page Per Visit. Which pages viewed during a single visit.
Events. Actions visitors take during a visit, including ad clicks, social media shares and video plays.

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Mobile Tracking:

User Story: I have the Mobile Optimized webpage and I want to track the viewing of those pages. It would be great if the optimized site integrated with the already existing Google Analytics tracking.

Basics: Google Analytics (both page tracking and conversion tracking) has been added to the Mobile Site. This requires no additional work from the client.

This is how the mobile pages will display in Google Analytics for page tracking. Note the "/mobile" in the URL of anyone using the mobile optimized pages.

Google Analytics_Report_Mobile