Customize - Thermal Tickets

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Customizable -  Thermal Tickets

Design your own tickets to reflect your image. Make extra money and sell the back of your ticket with an advertiser or sponsor.


Benefits to ticket advertisers

  • Increased branding and traffic for your business
  • Ability to target a wide demographic audience
  • Your company will be recognized as a supporter and endorsement to the hearts of event ticket holders who is going to see their favorite entertainer.
  • Online print@home tickets will provide your company a flexible way to send your message and target your market, with the ability to change and update your advertisement and/or coupon at anytime, and even for a specific event.

 A sponsorship ticket ad as a coupon to a ticket holder …works much better than passive advertisements.

  • Newspapers and print advertisements are disposable
  • Repeat advertisement is needed in other media, 6-8 times is needed before a potential buyer can respond.
  • Advertising to target specific audiences
  • Ticket goers can use coupon from back of ticket on day of event.

The average ticket holder has in their position an event ticket at least 2-3 weeks prior to event and even after people like to keep a ticket as a souvenir.