Commission on Service Fees

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Commission on Service Fees

At Box Office Liaison, we believe that you deserve to be rewarded. It's part of doing good business!

Promoters Commissions

Sometimes promoters break even on their shows, and that little extra portion of the service fee is a bonus when using our services. Our service fees are low enough to add a little more, and still keep it below most competitors.

Venues (CIF) Commissions

There are many advantages when using our full service box office and ticket agency for your in house events and even for those renters using your facility. We understand the financial obligation that comes with operating a venue. This is why it is important to charge a CIF (Capital Improvement Fee) This additional service fee is recognized by patrons and acceptable to charge a portion on top of the admission price as a per order fee. There are different ways we can slice the pie to make it work for you and your customers so a commission from the service fees is paid back  to the venues. Venues who recommend using our services receive a commission, and even a higher commission is paid out when, are exclusive.

White Label Accounts

Venues or promoters using our software solution run their own ticketing and are able to set their own fees. Service fees charged by TicketWindow Inc /Box Office Liaison are less then using the full service option of and  This allows them with the freedom to charge what they want, with multiple fees structures depending on the performance. There are Excluded Fees, Included Fees and Per Order Fees. The per order fee is when CIF is charged

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Excluded Ticket Fees
Excluded fees are visible in the Shopping Cart and are charged to the Patron.
Common external fees are Service Charges, TAX and facility fee.

Included Ticket Fees/Cost
Included Fees/Cost are not visible during the Order Process and can be used for Internal Reporting only
(such as tracking of costs, promoter commissions /TicketWindow Inc Fees vs. Venue Fee etc. ).