Event Planners

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Sue Howe, Certified Event Planner  linkedin

With 13 years of expertise, skills and knowledge Sue is a great asset to the Box Office Liaison Team.  She enjoys a fast paced environment, wearing a multitude of hats, which is a great fit for her personality and the satisfaction Sue feels when organizing successful events across Canada and the States (24 to date) makes all the hard work worthwhile.

She can assist with:

  • Building a budget
  • Creating time-lines
  • Developing roles and responsibilities charts
  • Research venues
  • Negotiate with vendors
  • On-site coordination and trouble-shooting
  • Post analysis of an event

A few interesting factoids about her:

Enjoys:            Zip lining, rides in hot air balloons, flies in helicopters down the Las Vas strip at night

Book read:       Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Quote:     Dreams don’t have deadline – LL Cool J

Client Comment:

Sue is amazing. Her time management and communication skills, attention to the smallest details, and overall pleasant personality ensured the success of every event and made her a pure delight to work with.